About Cercie

I am very fortunate to work at a place where I am with dogs 24/7. I am a dog groomer and I love every moment of it. I especially love it because that is how I met Cercie. I work with mostly Cocker spaniels so Cercie stands out. She is a King Charles Cavalier and it was love at first site. She would look up at me with her big bug eyes and I just couldn’t say no. I would find myself making excuses to spend extra time with her. I would take her out during breaks and she would lie on her back on my lap as I would give her tummy rubs.  So when my boss asked if I wanted to adopt her I immediately said Yes! I have always wanted a dog, a pal of my own to go on road trips with me and make me take things at a slower pace.

Cercie has lived with us for over a year now and it has been so amazing! She makes every moment hilarious! So I am sharing her stories with those in cyber space who wish to read about her….so maybe like five people tops?


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