She is a strange little creature.

  Yup, that is the best picture I am going to get out of her this evening and yes that is the best picture you’re going to get out of me this evening as well. This morning, I decided to go on a mini road trip with my dad to our cabin which is about four hours away from where we live. My little girl always panics when she sees me grab the keys. I often have to throw a milk bone in the opposite direction so I can get out of the house without her running up and down the hallway barking like a lunatic. Since the cabin is dog friendly Cercie got to come along. I don’t know if all cavaliers are like this or just mine, but Cercie is the best traveler. Long trips are so stress free, as long as everyone understands that she is never going in a dog carrier and she has complete control of the front seat armrest for the entire length of the trip. Cercie likes to climb on top of the armrest and then sleep for the entire trip. Other dogs like to stick the heads out the window and feel the fresh air, other dogs like to look out the window and see all the cars whizzing by….Cercie likes to snore….like an old man…who has a deviated septum….and a really bad cold. Anyway, we are here now and Cercie is snoozing soundly. She has investigated the property thoroughly, marked every tree and has deemed this place satisfactory.


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