Cercie has a new friend…sort of

Cercie is not the biggest fan of other dogs. In fact, she avoids them like they have a terrible case of fleas and she has the brain capacity tounderstand how harmful fleas are. When we go on walks, she pulls on her leash as hard as she can in the opposite direction if she sees a dog coming her way. And if the dog and owner do approach, Cercie spends the entire episode cowering behind my legs. She is not exactly a social dog. She enjoys her days being my shadow, sleeping on my lap or on the days I work, waiting patiently on the couch for me to come home.

But things have changed recently. I work at a show kennel which means I take care of dogs on a daily basis. They vary in ages ranging from newborn to elderly. One of the more recent litters contained only one singleton puppy. Now without any brothers or sisters to play with, singletons end up having a bit of a complex. Her name is Odette and from the moment I held her, I fell in love with her weird, sometimes destructive but only in the most well-meaning way kind of personality. There was a litter of six born a few weeks before little Odette so I would often put her in a playpen with them so she could play. However, even though these puppies were much bigger than her, Odette would beat them up, making unsupervised playtime impossible. So I would end up being her playmate. I would use my break times to spoil her and run around with her. In hindsight, this has probably turned her into more of a spoiled child. SPoiled children don’t make for the best show dogs so my boss asked if I could take her home with me for a few weeks for a new thing we called “Puppy Bootcamp.” My boss felt that if she got some hardcore one on one time, little Oddie might mellow out.

So I brought the little oddball home and introduced her to Cercie. The love between them was instant. Since they are roughly the same size, Cercie didn’t feel intimidated. These two would play together for hours. They would run and jump and wind each other until both were too exhausted to move. It was adorable to watch. If Cercie got distracted by playing, Oddie would yank on her ears and pull her in the other direction. During naptime, they would cuddle up together and fall asleep simultaneously. When I took them to dog parks, they would always stay close to each other just in case the other dogs seemed to sketchy. Now Oddie is back at the kennel and I know Cercie misses her playmate. She hides it cleverly by acting completely normal…okay maybe I miss little Oddie for the both of us. At least I know my girl can make friends now.


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