The Laziest Dog I Know

 So this picture may need some explanation. Cercie learned many skills from Maddie before she passed away. Number one she learned that cats think they are the head honcho so it’s best to let them keep thinking that because, well, their claws really hurt. Cercie also learned from Maddie that laying on our laps is not necessarily the only place they can lay down and still be by us. Cercie may be dumber than a stump most of the time, but she picked up from Maddie that laying on top of the couch right by our shoulders is ideal. This allows Cercie to not only have a good view of the TV and the kitchen, but she can rest her head on my shoulder and sleep. And should I be eating a snack, she can not so slyly slide onto my lap and try and steal my food.

  Well, there are times when Cercie can no longer take all the free BTU’s she’s getting from laying on our shoulders so she jumps to another chair to cool off. But if it’s after 7pm, the dog is too tired and too lazy to do much moving at all. Cercie was sleeping on Dad’s shoulders when she got too hot. She wanted to move to her favorite chair but it was a whole two feet away and it was 8:15 after all. So Dad tried to make her a bridge from a couch cushion so she did not have to got through all the effort of jumping down off the couch and then jumping up onto the chair. Cercie loved the idea of the bridge….just not the bridge part of it. She made it half way across before curling up and making it her new bed. I did not have to rush to take this picture because she stayed there until Dad’s arms gave out. That’s my lazy girl. 🙂


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