The Dingo Bone

Cercie does not have a possessive bone in her body. She doesn’t know what it means. You give her a toy and she doesn’t want it. She does not understand the concept of playing with the toy and then keeping it all to herself. She much rather crash on my lap and get tummy rubs.

However, there is one treat that turns my tiny 13 lb. dog into a beast. It is called a Dingo Bone.

A dingo bone is a little chewable dental treat. It doesn’t smell all that good and the package does not advertise any flavor so I am not sure what makes it so great. But as soon as I pull at the a Dingo bone, Cercie goes berserk. Literally.

All tricks I have taught her….sit, stay…..sit, go out the window. She jumps up and down like a a spaz lunging for the dingo bone like some crack addict itching for one last fix. And as soon as she has the treat I am once again the enemy. She doesn’t even take the time to gnaw on the bone. She chews it to just barely small enough to fit down her tiny throat and then she gulps it down.

Now here is what I wonder. What the hell is in a dingo bone that makes her act this way? Have I found the doggy equivalent to cat nip?? Does any other dog have this kind of reaction?


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