Cercie versus the Sliding Door

So Cercie is a retired show dog. She was a champion inside the ring, but in the outside world, well she still has some issues. Cercie has become more accustomed to life as a house pet but it is a learning process to say the least. One such learning experience involves the sliding glass door.

Everyday when Cercie needs to go to the bathroom, I grab a treat from a glass jar on the counter and she leads the way to the sliding door. As soon as she is outside she does her usual sniffing, circling, and sniffing some more. Once she is done, I give her the treat and then that little dog races back inside to reclaim her throne on the couch.

Well, she let her excitement get to her. As I followed Cercie outside I closed the glass door behind me so Maddie (our cat) would not get out. I decided to give her an extra big piece of her doggy turkey jerky….this was not the best idea. When Cercie gets a treat that is bigger than the usual size, she acts like a super paranoid….coke addict. Her eyes get crazed and I suddenly become the enemy. Because I would totally want to eat her doggy jerky… Cercie grabbed the treat from me and ran for a place to hide and eat her prize in peace. There was only one problem. Her hiding place was on the other side of the sliding door. She ran full speed SMACK  and  hit that door so hard she fell back on her butt.  She looked up at me with her crazed eyes me and it was as if she was saying, “Why would you do that to me?!?”

Cercie now won’t walk through doorway unless I go through first. It’s like I’m the poison tester for my dog.


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